The idea of our art studio for kids was devised in college, by three friends having fun with their creativity and reflecting on its roots

Drawing teacher, Magda R.

Having grown up on a farm surrounded by woodland, I am fascinated by plants and natural forms. I express this through my art, which is also influenced by my love of science -- it's true, one person can enjoy both things! My specialism is in illustration and painting.

Community manager, Rosie G.

With experience in early years education and a life-long passion for the arts, I have truly found my calling here at the art studio. I love seeing children realize their creative paths through our courses, and hope that our facilities empower them to express themselves.

Drawing teacher, Stevie F.

I remember playing around with the endless pots of paint in my dad's garden studio, and it's so rewarding to pass on that artistic freedom to the next generation. My educational background is in sculpture, and I head up the creative arts courses here at the studio. 

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What our students say about us

Drawing student, Stefi

β€œWhen I started here, I didn't know how good I would be at painting. There are so many different paints here to try, you can really experiment with anything. My favorite is oil paint.β€œ

Drawing student, Casey

β€œI like coming to the studio and deciding how I'm going to spend my day. If I want to paint, I can do that, but if I want to build something, I can do that instead. It's fun to be able to experiment.β€œ

Drawing student, Laura

β€œI love drawing people. Sometimes I make them up in my head, and sometimes I draw my family or friends. At the art studio, we learn how to make people's faces and bodies look really realistic.β€œ

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